21st September 2010

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19th September 2010


Talent vs. Showing Off

It’s been ten years since the 21st century launched, and together with it the technology went ahead like never before. Also, we started to live in times where every common man can be an artist, due to the software, which can be easily downloaded from the Net. It can be Corel Draw to produce virtual paintings, or Fruity Loops to make computer music. Such software is good for us, because it facilitates us developing our skills. However, there is also the other side of it, the negative side. When someone reaches for the software, for example for creating music, without knowing the basics of music, like notes or games, he can’t produce anything good, of course. The point is, that today you don’t have to know anything about music to be evaluated, as far as you use many FX and VST’s. Many songs published by the amateur “artists” cannot be called songs, but simply “showing off”, like “look how many good VST’s I’ve got!”. The real toughness is to combine these effects with music. And sometimes you don’t really need them, as long as you know something about notes - and then the music will defend by itself. And you will show your talent (hard to learn), instead only of your VST’s (which anyone can learn to use). It’s sad that people still pay attention on how many effects you used instead of how well you played it. Luckily, not everyone thinks like that, because everyone has different tastes. Personally, I’m looking for harmony, overall feeling and the skill to use the melodies in a very surprising and unpredictable way. And I’m glad that there are artists among all the crap who have the real talent (take Waverine, Drew Costigan, or Delcraft). If you have talent, you don’t have to prove it.

31st August 2010

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"Nitrogene: The 5th Anniversary" album is still unfinished, but here’s a single promoting this forthcoming album, which I’m planning to upload at the beginning of 2011. The album will be the refreshed version of my first release as Azotic Compounds Laboratory, in 2006 (exactly five years ago). And the anniversary will be even double, because sharp 10 years ago, in 2001, I composed my first computer track. So it’s almost time to pop a little champagne:)

27th August 2010

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Hello there. Here’s a song from my newest single “Le Feu Et L’Eau” (Fire And Water). It’s the B-side track called “Levitation”. Enjoy.